Are You Missing Something by Not Being in Virtual Reality?

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It is safe to say that virtual reality has been quite unimpressive so far in 2018, as we get more into the latter portions of this year. Even if it is still a major technological advancement and one that we should all keep a close eye on, it has not precisely “changed the game,” if you will.

Mark Zuckerberg, who is personally invested in the success of virtual reality (VR) through Facebook, predicted that it will be ten years before we actually get to where we want to go with the technology. Zuckerberg made this prediction just a year ago. And it’s possible that he’s right. When we look back in another ten years, or even five, virtual reality may have established itself as an essential technology and a technological marvel. However, for the time being, the issue “Do you truly need VR in your life?” is one that deserves serious consideration.

To the best of our knowledge, these are some of the key purposes of the technology, not in society as a whole, but in terms of how it benefits average customers.

The gaming industry was actually responsible for bringing virtual reality to the attention of the general public. In the gaming industry, virtual reality was long speculated to be the sort of next step beyond what we would call modern consoles. Virtual reality (VR) gaming was slow to catch on at first, but it has quickly become one of the most popular applications for the technology. When looking at future releases for the fall, you can see a variety of game genres and styles, which is an indication of the expanding market for virtual reality gaming as well as its growing influence in the industry. It is anticipated that the progress made in this sector would carry over into the years to come.

Casino gaming companies like, which may be thought of as somewhat of an offshoot to gaming in general, is quickly becoming one of the more prominent parts of consumer-facing virtual reality. To get you started, there are virtual reality (VR) poker games that can give you the impression that you are participating in an actual event. On the other hand, the casino games that are more arcade-like are beginning to make their way into virtual reality as well. Gonzo’s Quest, a fairytale adventure and inventive reward machine, was the first slot machine to be converted into a virtual reality game. Since then, many slots have followed in its footsteps, to the point where there are now a growing number of virtual casino possibilities.

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It may come as a bit of a surprise, but virtual reality experiences can now include simulated travel for a variety of reasons. One of the benefits of virtual reality travel is that it enables us to visit new locations. There are certain applications that make it seem as though you are flying over a city in another country, and there are others that transport us to virtual versions of planets in other solar systems. In some circumstances, on the other hand, virtual reality travel simulations can serve more practically-oriented purposes. To be more specific, individuals are using it for the purpose of booking travel and gaining an impression of a location before actually scheduling a vacation there.

We aren’t seeing a lot of this just yet, but we do know that a few different fashion retail chains are now experimenting with what are essentially virtual reality fitting rooms. It is not yet apparent whether this notion will ultimately prevail as a novelty for use in stores or as an application for use in homes. Nevertheless, in the event that the latter is the case, this has the potential to eventually overtake gaming as the most prominent consumer-facing application for virtual reality.

At this point, you should consider making an investment in virtual reality if anything like the functions described above is something that is essential to you, or if you simply don’t want to lose out on the early phases of a technology that will be more prominent in ten years. If this is not the case, however, it is reasonable to question whether or not you truly require it in your life. The answer is still no for many if not the vast majority of us.