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Management consultant W. Edwards Deming, who took part in reconstruction of Japan’s economy, that was in a strong decline after 1947 paid his attention on the nature of leadership – the real problem of business. He is the inventor of the type of organizational learning called “Managed learning”. He made a big contribution in positioning Japan as a world leader. Deming`s views and conclusions on manufacturing platform executive reports and management are summed up in his book “Out of Crisis” (Quality, Productivity, and Competitive Position). Taking Japan as the example of successful strategy he tried to apply his experience to other countries, particularly USA. Deming was featured in a 1980 NBC television special, “If Japan Can… Why Can’t We?” which examined the Japan economy and Deming’s role in its development and prosperity.

In his book Deming points out the connection between failure in leadership, market and job losses. In his opinion, the duties of good leaders are not just in the final income but in innovative enthusiastic plans, protect company investments, and providing jobs through progressive products and services. If the organizations are to grow and survive this philosophy must be applied, and he referred to long-term commitment as new learning.

In the mid-1980s Deming participated in reconstruction of automobile industry in America that significantly yielded to Japan. In 1986 Ford rolled out what would become the wildly successful Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable. Ford’s earnings increased in several times at that time. Later Ford chairman Donald Peterson said that all the changes took place in the company thanks to Deming`s teachings and techniques.

After long enduring work Deming created fourteen main points for successful management. Among those we can name such key principle as “Create consistency of purpose toward improvement of product and service with the aim to become competitive and stay in business.”

W. Edwards Deming was regarded as a great expert in manufacturing in America but in fact the main purpose of his research was leadership. He is convicted that effective leadership is the essential part of effective work of the company and he thinks that without it the organization will not survive.

He took part in World War II as a military consultant and this fact influenced his views. Deming made the parallel between the conflict and competition, which represent the war and the business and he proved the connection in this concepts. Then he went from military to business consultant in the defeated country which wanted to reestablish its leadership.